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The Barthelemy & Co nursery was established in 1920 by a Frenchman who crossed the channel to start his own nursery. He lived with and rented from the Skinner family a 10 acre site at Stapehill near Wimborne in Dorset the current site.

Mr J Barthelemy survived the 1914-1918 war whilst serving as a soldier in the French army, with life long disabling wounds. After his death in 1964 the business continued to be run as it is today by the Skinner family.

In days gone by, Barthelemy & Co grew species such as Roses, Azaleas, Heathers, fruit trees, and other general nursery stock. With changing markets, Barthelemy & Co specialised 30 years ago to the production of young grafted plants of Acer palmatum or Japanese maples as they are generally known.

Barthelemy & Co also grows varieties of American Dogwood (Cornus), Pines, Liquamber, Beech, Hamamelis, Wisteria, etc, all of which are grafted and available as young plants 1-2 years old, also a large range of bare root seedling of shrub, trees, and conifers, all of which are available by mail order.

Orders can be e-mailed or phoned; whichever is convenient. Please download our catalogue for details of all the above. If larger Japanese Maple plants are required, we stock up to 6-8 feet specimens. Collection is recommended as carriage is very expensive, but can be sent at cost with no packing charge.

All plants are produced on the Barthelemy & Co nursery by ourselves; annually we graft in excess of 40,000 plants for the trade and retail markets, which includes 25,000+ Japanese Maples, making Barthelemy & Co probably the largest grower in the country.


Tel: 01202 874 283
Fax: 01202 897 482

Nursery Address:
262 Wimborne Road West,
Dorset. BH21 2DZ

Email: Barthelemy & Co

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EEC Plant Passport: UK/EW 13556 | VAT: FRF 950 9239 07 0000 | Proprietors: J.K. Skinner, M.J Skinner

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